On an evening not too long ago, while enjoying some beers, some more beers and friendships at the end of a workday, our conversation turned to discussion of the plight craft beer-loving East Tennesseans experienced.


Gone were the days of average brew options satisfying our demand for a better beer experience. While we knew exciting, high-gravity craft beer choices to be abundant and growing, we found ourselves lamenting that craft beer selection and growth in East Tennessee left something to be desired. Was it indifference to the passions of craft breweries, or simply the limitations on choices flowing from “big box” beers? Why were the exciting and robust craft beer scenes readily available in nearby locales not being showcased here? We deduced our area did not have a distributor specializing in developing markets and partnerships with domestic craft breweries.


Inspired by the demand and appreciation for craft beer experiences, and the creativity and passion of craft beer breweries, CDC was formed in January of 2016 to bring together growing consumer demand of beer lovers to experience beer craft by supplying great craft beer, brand variety, quality and experiences. Our goal is to expand the craft beer experience in Knoxville and East Tennessee with a variety of quality low- and high-gravity beers from around the United States. We feel the craft beer market is a fourfold partnership between the breweries, distributors, retailers, and consumers and we have assembled our team to service our partnerships with passion and integrity.